Credits And Next Steps

Now that you've finished the Suggestotron curriculum, what next?

Extra Credit

If you got all the way through Suggestotron with some time to spare, here's some extra stuff you can try:

  • Add appropriate icons to the Edit and Delete buttons
  • Add a downvote button that does the opposite of what the upvote button does
  • Add an 'about' page, linked from the bottom of the Suggestotron topics list. Link back to the Topics list from the About page so users don't get stranded.
  • Add success messages when adding/editing topics
  • Add error messages when adding/editing/deleting topics
  • Make it so that all error messages are shown in the templates (e.g. going to the edit page without an ID)


Lovingly Based on RailsBridge

Thanks to the amazing work of the volunteers behind RailsBridge and their decision to release all of their content under a Creative Common (CC-BY) license, we are able to create PHPBridge by standing on their shoulders and building up.

What next?

  • It's probably time for the closing presentation.
  • After that, start a project, tutorial, and come back again!
  • All our favorite resources can be found on the PHPBridge site: