Deleting Topics


  • Be able to delete topics from the database

  • Now nobody will see your mistakes!

Deleting is very similar to editing or creating, so we'll make this brief!


Step 1

First, we modify our foreach to include a Delete link, pointing to delete.php:

foreach ($topics as $topic) {
    echo "<h3>" .$topic['title']. " (ID: " .$topic['id']. ")</h3>";
    echo "<p>";
    echo nl2br($topic['description']);
    echo "</p>";
    echo "<p>";
    echo "<a href='/edit.php?id=" .$topic['id']. "'>Edit</a>";
    echo " | ";
    echo "<a href='/delete.php?id=" .$topic['id']. "'>Delete</a>";
    echo "</p>";

Step 2

Then we create delete.php, which will delete the topic, and then redirect back to index.php again

require 'TopicData.php';

if (!isset($_GET['id']) || empty($_GET['id'])) {
    echo "You did not pass in an ID.";

$data = new TopicData();
$topic = $data->getTopic($_GET['id']);

if ($topic === false) {
    echo "Topic not found!";

if ($data->delete($_GET['id'])) {
    header("Location: /index.php");
} else {
    echo "An error occurred";

Step 3

Finally, we add our TopicData->delete() method:

public function delete($id) {
    $query = $this->connection->prepare(
        "DELETE FROM topics
                id = :id"

    $data = [
        ':id' => $id,

    return $query->execute($data);

Step 4

Once again, you can check this out in your browser. Try going to topic list and deleting the new topic you added earlier:


By now, you've should have a pretty good handle on how this works.

You're able to create, retrieve, update, and delete rows from the database, this is known as CRUD, and is something you will find in almost every application.

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