Getting Started

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  • Create Your New Application

  • Let's get started! By the end of this step, we'll have a brand-new (empty) web app.


If you have any problems, please ask for help immediately.

Step 1

cd stands for change directory.

Type this in the terminal:
cd /var/www

cd /var/www changes to the default web directory.

Step 2

Type this in the terminal:
mkdir suggestotron

This command creates a new directory for us to store our project in.

Step 3

Type this in the terminal:
cd suggestotron

Step 4

Type this in the terminal:
mkdir public

This creates a directory to hold everything that will be publicly accessible

Step 5

Open the suggestotron directory as a project in your text editor.

In Sublime Text, you can use the Project > Add Folder to Project... menu option:

Select your suggestotron directory from the file picker that opens. If everything works out Sublime should look something like this:

Step 6

Next, create a new file called index.php in the public directory, and type the following:


Step 7

Now, start the PHP web server

Type this in the terminal:
php -S -t ./public/

Step 8

Point your web browser to http://localhost:8080

See your "web app" actually running!


We now have a running PHP server, showing the configuration of our PHP installation.

Any changes you make from now on will be immediately visible simply by refreshing your browser.

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